Stefan Siegert

What I'm up to

Update 2023-12-07

Karate training is going well, I've started training for my first brown belt.

At work I've recently won a UKRI Policy fellowship. Over the next 18 months I'll be working with Defra on computer models of UK agriculture to inform food and land use policy.

I've been doing low heart rate training, where I run at least 45 minutes at a pace that keeps my heart rate at around 140BPM. I haven't yet experienced the advertised magical effects ("Run slower to run faster!!!") but I don't mind, I just really enjoy feeling refreshed and relaxed after these runs. I've also started regular weight training (free weights and machines), partly because it's fun, but also because I'm nearing 40 and have to start thinking about declining muscle mass and bone density.

Update 2023-01-22

Listening to 90s punk rock bands, particularly The Offspring. I was once a huge fan, but haven't really paid attention to them for over 20 years. I was surprised how active they still are and how fat they've become, and I also didn't know until today that Dexter Holland has a PhD in Molecular Biology.

I decided to re-read a few of my favourite books in 2023. I've read 1984 and currently reading Siddharta. I was mildly disappointed by 1984, I remembered it to be much more powerful and scary when I last read it. I probably watched too much Black Mirror in the mean time. Siddharta is as good as I remember it. Next I'll take on some of my favourite Neil Gaiman books, probably starting with American Gods.

I'm taking running more serious these days. I did a few short 5-10k runs to and from work, and finished the week off with a pleasant 15k run around Exeter. I'm thinking about signing up for a half marathon again.

Update 2022-12-07

Now a proud karate green belt!

The Exeter Maths Society Winter Ball was great fun, thanks for inviting me! I didn't expect what an attraction a lecturer would be at a student party, and with all the selfies and free drinks I felt like a minor celebrity.

Very much enjoyed our traditional Christmas baking at home on the first advent. Plaetzchen und Gluehwein!

Looking forward to spending the Christmas holidays in Germany this year.

Update 2022-10-12

Training for karate green belt grading.

Practicing a bit of Calligraphy.

Home-brewing crab apple cider.

Teaching statistics to 200 first-year students. As every year, everybody is coughing and sneezing with fresher's flu.

I believe Peaky Blinders is one of the best series ever made, and I absolutely loved the final season.

Update 2022-07-08

Karate training at Tigerstyle going strong.

Signed up at The FAI Fix to finally fix my hip pain.

Writing papers on spatial statistical modelling applied to weather forecasting and epidemiology.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Recommended!

Update 2022-06-25

Training for my Karate orange belt grading.

Reading random books of philosophical fiction.

Learning Scheme programming in GNU Guile.

Rediscovering hard-rock and metal bands I listened to as a teenager (Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tool)